Some Dude At Says Brady's Contract Restructuring Was Only Done To Make It Easier For The Patriots To Cut Him. Thanks For Shitting On My Day, Pal.

From Grantland.cpom:
It’s been written up as a move of superstar largesse, a deal designed to make it easier for the Patriots to retain their stars and win another Super Bowl with Brady at the helm. That just simply isn’t the case. If anything, this is a move designed to make exactly one thing easier: Brady’s eventual departure from the Patriots.

The only way out under the old deal would have been a trade, and Brady couldn’t guarantee he would have gone somewhere with a chance of success. Now, because the Patriots can cut him without having to pay his future base salaries, Brady could hit the market as an unrestricted free agent and choose his next destination for whatever suits him and his family.

Brady’s cap hit over the next three seasons isn’t reduced by a single penny by making this decision; in fact, with the $1 million raise, he’s actually taking up slightly more cap space than he would have before this renegotiation. It will not be any easier for the Patriots to retain Darrelle Revis, Devin McCourty, or any of the other players for whom this new Brady deal is supposed to facilitate easier contract extensions.

A part of me thinks this guy is just another Patriots hater looking to shit on Tom Brady and the Patriots organization.  But what if he is right?  What if Brady just got mind fucked by Robert Kraft and essentially tricked into making it easier (cheaper) for the Patriots front office to cut him at some point over the next few years?

My mind is not going there.  I refuse to believe that Robert Kraft is that much of a dick and that this was all some sort of plan to screw Brady and get him to dig his own grave and walk right into it.  For the love of Christ, I hope it's not true.

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