The Dolphins Are Bitching That The Patriots Lined Up Illegally On That Blocked Field Goal. Awe, Somebody Call The Waaambulance.

According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, the Dolphins have reportedly submitted video of this play to the NFL league office for review.

The Dolphins are reportedly claiming that the Patriots lined up illegally because Jamie Collins was on the line of scrimmage, giving the Patriots seven players on the right side of the ball, which is illegal.

Here is a still shot of Jamie Collins:

via @BenVolin

I'm sorry, but I may have to call bullshit.

A part of me thinks the Dolphins are only doing this to feed all the trolls who like to call the Patriots cheaters.  I mean really, what the hell is the point of submitting this to the league office other than to rile up the Patriots haters?  They lost by 28 friggin points.

So get ready, folks.  The trolls have been fed.  

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