REPORT: The FCC Got Complaints About Tom Brady Mouthing The Word "Fuck" During Packers Game. Fuckin People.

From TheSmokingGun:
A recent televised cursing spree by Tom Brady prompted several viewers to write the Federal Communications Commission and lodge complaints that their lip-reading kids were exposed to the NFL star’s blue language.

Though the network did not air audio of the 37-year-old Brady’s exhortations, his curse of choice was obvious. The FCC received three indecency complaints about Brady:

 Here are the formal complaints:

People need to lighten the fuck up.  I guarantee each of the people who complained have accidentally dropped an F-bomb with a kid in the room at some point in their lives.  So let's be serious, Tom Brady mouthing the word "fuck" isn't exactly corrupting their precious little minds.

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