So Theo Epstein Won The Lester Sweepstakes.

I guess Jon Lester likes sucking more than World Series parades.  Actually, he likes the green stuff more than World Series parades.  The Cubs are light years from competing for a World Series yet he chose them over the Red Sox.

Let's be serious, he isn't going to bring them to the promised land.  I guarantee he will hate playing there after year two or so and the Cubs will be trying like hell to dump that ridiculous contract on to someone else.

Anyway, the contract is for 6 years, $155 million and reportedly has a vesting option for a seventh year.  The Red Sox highest bid was reportedly 6 years, $135 million.  So, the spoiled little prick, Theo Epstein, got his man.  Whoopy friggin do.  On to Max Scherzer and Chris Sale.

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