With Rajon Rondo Gone, No One Is Left From The 2007-2008 Team. I'll Be Honest, I'm Feeling A Little Sentimental.

I'm sorry but Ray Allen is dead to me and will always be dead to me.  The Celtics offered him a better deal than the Heat and he left because he was pissy about Danny Ainge trying to trade him and because he had a hard on for LeDouche James.  That's just bullshit.

He could have been the better man.  He could have stuck with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett until the end and they could have rode off into the sunset together.  But he was a dick about it.  Hey, he made his bed, now he's lying in it.

Anyway, this isn't about Ray Allen.  It's about the fact that this era in Boston Celtics history is over...and that kinda sucks.

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