A Butthurt Columnist In Indiana Is Calling For Belichick To Be Suspended For The Super Bowl, Fined, Then Fired. Damn.

From WTHR Indiana:
If Roger Goodell has an ounce of integrity, and he's not spending all his time going to pre-game soirees at Kraft's mansion, he will not only fine Belichick and take away draft choices, but suspend the head coach for the upcoming Super Bowl.

If Patriots owner Robert Kraft has an ounce of integrity, he will fire Bill Belichick immediately for toying with the integrity of the game for the second time in his otherwise magnificent career.

Does this sound excessive? It probably does if you're a New England fan. But this goes beyond New England and Indianapolis and impacts the essential fairness of every game being played on an NFL field.

I'm not surprised to see this kind of garbage come out of Indiana.  I mean, I actually kind of expected it considering the Colts got their asses kicked 45-7.

This moron has probably been racking his brain for days trying to figure out how his team lost so badly.  And the best he can come up with is that the other team cheated and their head coach should be fired.  Give this man a Pulitzer Prize.

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