I Just Want To Remind Everyone That Terrell Suggs Is A Known Wife Beater And Is Probably A Bigger Asshole Than Ray Rice.

From the Baltimore Sun (2009):
A Baltimore County woman alleged in a court filing last week that Ravens linebacker-defensive end Terrell Suggs knocked her down and spilled bleach on her last month after an argument over game-day tickets, records show.
Candace Williams, 26, who identifies herself as Suggs' fiancee and the mother of his two children, received a temporary protective order Friday.
According to the complaint, Williams said Suggs threw a soap dispenser at her head, hit her in the chest with his hand, and held a bottle of bleach over her and their 1-year-old son, which spilled on them and caused a rash. In an area in which petitioners are asked to describe "past injuries," Williams lists "busted lips, broken nose, black eyes, bruises."

On Saturday, Suggs told The Baltimore Sun that the incident was a family matter and he would not comment. He also denied that he was in a relationship with Williams. 

Then there was this from NFL.com (2012):
Suggs' longtime girlfriend, Candace Williams, claimed the All-Pro punched her in the neck and dragged her alongside a speeding car with their two children in the vehicle. The woman said she suffered "severe road rash" as a result of the incident. Suggs does not face criminal charges stemming from the September incident.
The reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year issued a statement Friday addressing the issue. "My fiance and I have two beautiful children together whom we both love and care for tremendously," the statement read. "The personal issues that the two of us have faced recently have been addressed in a responsible and adult manner and have been resolved. .

Yet the Baltimore Ravens still let him take the field every Sunday.  Yet Ravens fans still cheer for him.   That is just fucking sickening.

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