John Harbaugh Called Bill Belichick "Deceptive" Because He Doesn't Understand The Ineligible Receiver Rules And Belichick Does.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick reached deep into his bag of football tricks and came up with a four-man offensive line that had Ravens coach John Harbaugh crying foul after New England's thrilling 35-31 victory in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

The Patriots called a change-up in the third quarter, aligning four blockers on the line of scrimmage with another player checking in as an ineligible receiver. Harbaugh believes the Patriots should have been penalized for the "deceptive" substitutions utilized on those plays.

"It's not something that anybody has ever done before," Harbaugh said. "They're an illegal type of a thing and I'm sure that (the league will) make some adjustments and things like that."

Actually, he's wrong. It's not illegal.  It's actually completely within the rules.  John Harbaugh just got mind fucked by Bill Belichick.  That's what happened.  He was playing checkers against a chess master.  Hey, I understand the frustration.

What I can't understand is how a sitting NFL head coach can basically accuse Bill Belichick of cheating.  That's exactly what Harbaugh did and I am so fucking sick of people going there.  It's unprofessional, uncalled for and it's just douchey.  Oh yea, by the way, Harbaugh was wrong about it being deceptive and illegal.  100%, dead wrong.  So, who's the real asshole in this situation?

Anyway, after Harbaugh made those stupid comments, Tom Brady responded with a verbal bitch slap of his own.  Brady told reporters, "maybe those guys gotta study the rule book and figure it out. We obviously knew what we were doing and we made some pretty important plays."

Brady never talks like that.  I think it's safe to say he's sick of the bullshit too.

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