John Harbaugh Thinks Joe Flacco Is "The Best Quarterback In Football." Well, That's A Rather Ballsy Thing To Say.

From ProFootballTalk:
Ravens coach John Harbaugh was very happy with his quarterback after Saturday’s win over the Steelers.

“Joe Flacco, what can you say? I think he had a perfect quarterback rating in the third quarter. That’s playoff football. That’s Joe Flacco. he’s the best quarterback in football. We’d take him any day of the week, twice on Sunday — or Saturday night, if that be the case,” Harbaugh said.

I understand instilling confidence in your team. But there is a fine line between getting your team confident and sounding like a complete jackass.

Joe Flacco is not the best quarterback in the league. Hell, he probably isn't even the best quarterback in his division. The guy got hot a few years ago in the playoffs and won the Super Bowl. That is all he has going for himself. That's it.

John Harbaugh needs to calm the fuck down. Anyway, thanks for the bulletin board material, moron.

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