Honestly, This Does Not Surprise Me At All.

From NicholsOnHockey.com:
The only thing I've heard about Lucic I think there's at least one team, I believe, that's asked about him and I don't think there was a deal to be made there. 

I think the question with Lucic is he's not a $6 million player right now, but he can be one. There's two questions. No. 1, is something wrong with his body that it's finally breaking down because of the role he's played? No. 2, are they trying to get him to play whistle-to-whistle and he's simply lost his effectiveness. 

I think one of the biggest questions being asked in Boston as an organization right now is, 'what has happened here?' and, 'how long-term is this?"

I can't say I'm surprised but, damn that's got to hurt.  I mean, a few years ago teams would be lining up to trade for Milan Lucic.

Anyway, this is just further proof the Bruins are a friggin mess right now.  Peter Chiarelli has to make a major move.  And knowing that a guy like Lucic has basically no trade value means there probably isn't a blockbuster (involving anyone) on the horizon.  And that means this team is going nowhere.  And that sucks.  It really sucks.

And to anyone who thinks the Bruins shouldn't trade Lucic, remember this team lost it's identity and proceeded to go shit when they didn't re-sign Shawn Thornton and traded Johnny Boychuk. So, losing Lucic wouldn't exactly be a devastating loss.

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