A Petition To “Disqualify” The Patriots From The Super Bowl Now Has Over 50,000 Signatures. I Didn't Realize There Were That Many Shit-For-Brains Football Fans Out There.

via Change.org

All this tells me is that there are 55,444 people willing to make an ass of themselves on the internet.  The Patriots aren't going to get disqualified from playing in the Super Bowl and the Colts and Ravens sure as hell aren't going to replay the AFC Championship game.  The internet can be so fucking annoying sometimes.

On a side note, this just goes to show how much irrational hatred there is out there for the Patriots and how far people are willing to go to spread the hate.

But I guess when the greatest head coach of all time and the greatest quarterback to ever play the game go to their sixth Super Bowl, there's bound to be some jealous, miserable pricks out there willing to round up the mindless masses to hate you.

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