Oh My God, Ray Lewis Needs To STFU.

From The Stephen A. Smith Radio Show:
“When we — the first time we created something called a tuck rule, it’s the only reason we know — I’m just being honest! — the only reason we know who Tom Brady is, because of a tuck rule! There’s no such thing as a tuck rule! If the ball is in your hand, and I knock it out your hand, whether it’s going backwards, forwards, lateral, sideways, however it’s coming out, that’s a freaking fumble!

“But guess what we created? We created a freaking tuck rule! They don’t go to that championship game — they don’t go to that championship game if that tuck rule, if that ball is not called a tuck! That’s a fumble!”

First of all, if Ray Lewis really believes that then he is the dumbest "football analyst" in the history of the profession.  Secondly, I don't understand why he is so butthurt.  It's not like Tom Brady got away with murder or something.

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