REPORT: Officials Will Use A New Signal To Help Seahawks Identify Ineligible Receivers. Well, That Doesn't Seem Very Fair.

Bill Belichick outsmarted John Harbaugh but it appears he won't get the chance to outsmart Pete Carroll.  According to Ian Rapoport:

Pete Carroll says the refs will make a new signal to properly ID a player who isn’t eligible, then is eligible. Seahawks prepping for it.

Wow.  That's kinda fucked up.  Actually, it's wicked fucked up.

I mean, changing the rules three days before the Super Bowl?  That is complete and utter bullshit, not to mention blatantly unfair.  Bill Belichick figure out a way to use an obscure rule to his advantage, because that's what geniuses do, now the NFL decides to basically take it away?  That is fucking disgraceful.

But let's be serious, the league is pissed at Bill Belichick right now.  They don't have the balls to punish him before the Super Bowl but it looks like they have no problem changing the rules three fucking days before the Super Bowl. I'm blown away right now.

So, I guess the Patriots will be playing the Seahawks and the officials on Sunday.  Seriously, how can you say the playing field is level when the officials are changing rules just to take away one of Belichick's most genius schemes?  The NFL should just change their name to WWE now.

Bill must be ripshit right now.

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