SI Writer Says Patriots Also Cheated By Installing Parking Lot TVs Visible From Patriots Sideline. Yup, The Trolls Are Here.

The Patriots are suspected of cutting so many corners, their home field should be an oval. How ingrained is the culture? 

On one end of Gillette Stadium is a lighthouse, the stadium’s signature architectural feature. But if you sit behind the opposite end zone and look at the lighthouse, you will notice something else: An enormous television beyond the lighthouse, in the parking lot.

Officially, this allows people in the parking lot to watch TV. Is it a coincidence that you can see that TV from the Patriots’ sideline, but not from the opposing sideline, making it easier for the Patriots to watch replays and decide whether to throw the challenge flag? 

I cannot believe this asshole actually gets paid by Sports Illustrated to write.  I can't believe it.  I also can't believe this made it past layers of editors and on to their website.  This is a classic case of slinging bullshit just to get clicks to your site.

It is probably the worst hack job in the history of sports journalism (well, behind John Tomase writing that the Patriots filmed the Rams practice, but I digress).  How the hell can Sports Illustrated consider themselves a reputable media outlet and post stupid shit like this?

To think that this is what journalism has become it sad.  It really is.  People may say that this blog is garbage because I swear a lot and call people names that hurt their feelings, but hey at least I don't make shit up.  At least I have integrity.  I can look myself in the mirror every morning and say, " I am not a piece of shit."  The same can't be said about this Michael Rosenberg guy.

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