So, It's Going To Be The Ravens

So, the Ravens beat a banged up Steelers team last night 30-17 (for the record, the Steelers were without their best offensive player, running back Le’Veon Bell).  How about a nice golf clap for the Ravens.

I beg anyone to give me one reason to fear the Ravens.  Just one.  And anyone who says, "ya but they beat us back in 2013" needs to STFU.  The Patriots are a much better team this time around and the Ravens are a much worse team.  Back then, the Ravens had Ed Reed and Ray Lewis and the Patriots didn't have Rob Gronkowski or Darrelle Revis.

On a side note, I hate the Ravens more than any other team in the NFL other than the Jets.  Remember, this is an organization that tried (and failed) to cover up for Ray Rice when he beat his wife and conveniently ignored the fact that Ray Lewis killed a dude then allowed him to actually have a career in this league.

I really hope the Patriots treat these frauds like the bitches they are and blow them the fuck out.

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