I Just Want To Remind Everyone That Terrell Suggs Once Called The Patriots "Arrogant Fuckers" Who "Haven't Been Able To Win Since Spygate."

It is so easy to hate these fucking guys.  Here's the raw video of Terrell Suggs calling the Patriots "arrogant fuckers" after the AFC Championship game back in 2013.

In interviews after the game, he also said, "these are the most arrogant pricks in the world starting with Belichick on down," and "ever since spygate they haven't been able to win."

Jesus H. Christ, when you're a professional football player you are expected to be a PROFESSIONAL football player.  This is just further proof that the Ravens are one of the most classless organizations in the league.

And for the record, the Patriots have won seven division titles, been to four AFC Championship games, two Super Bowls, and had one perfect 16-0 regular season since Spygate.  So, Suggs sounds like a friggin moron when he says the Patriots "haven't been able to win since Spygate." 

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