VIDEO: Announcers Casually Discuss On Air How Aaron Rodgers Likes Footballs Inflated "Over What They Allow." The Hypocrisy Is Fucking Nauseating.

This is from the Patriots Packers game back in November.

Listen as they explain how Aaron Rodgers once told them, "I like to push the limits to how much air we can put in the football, even go over what they allow you to do and see if the officials take air out of it" because he thinks its easier for him to grip.

via Reddit

So, the Patriots get accused of under inflating footballs and there is talk about how they may lose draft picks and get fined, yet when Aaron Rodgers admits that he likes them inflated "over what they allow" no one gives a shit?  Oh my God, the Patriots hating and anti-Patriots bias in the media is fucking nauseating.

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