VIDEO: Robert Kraft Says He Expects The League To Apologize To The Patriots For DeflateGate. Daaaamn.

If you haven't heard, the NFL is reportedly "zeroing in" on a locker room attendant who allegedly was caught tampering with footballs before the Patriots Colts game.  And Robert Kraft is pissed.

I mean, that is what you call a verbal bitch slap right there.  When have you ever heard an owner tell the NFL to apologize to them?  Take takes balls...big brass ones.

And I don't blame him at all.  I've been calling for Roger Goodell to apologize to the Patriots organization and for ESPN to be sued for slander since this shitstorm started.

The Patriots were humiliated, Bill Belichick's genius was questioned and Tom Brady's greatest was was put in doubt all because of this stupid media created witch hunt that Roger Goodell could have squashed after about a day.

This all falls on Roger Goodell--the Patriot hate mongers, the Brady bashing, the integrity questioning.  All of it.  Kudos to Mr. Kraft for getting up there and giving Goodell a swift kick in the balls on his first day in Arizona.  Fuck him.

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