Bob Kravitz, The Columnist Who Broke The Bogus DeflateGate Story, Issued A Half Assed Apology.

Before my mea culpa, let me get this out of the way right now:

I am not in the least bit sorry about breaking DeflateGate, even if it's cluttered my Twitter timeline and included vicious shots at me and my family. I got it from a great source. I knew with 100 percent certainty that it was right, that there was an investigation into the possibility the Patriots had deflated their footballs.  There WAS, and IS, an investigation. It's my job to get it right, and I got it right.

I wrote that if owner Robert Kraft had an ounce of integrity, Belichick would be bounced immediately, draft picks should be forfeited and the Pats should be fined. What I failed to do was make it abundantly clear, “IF the Patriots are found guilty of having tampered with the footballs…''

I am a professional communicator, and as a professional communicator, I failed miserably there. I have to wear that one. I own that one.  So there you go.

I’m not buying one word of this bullshit, half assed apology.

First of all, it isn't even an apology.  Secondly, this is the same guy who wrote an article before the AFC Championship game and said, “The Patriots are the Evil Empire, the football version of the Yankees or Kentucky basketball. They've been so good for so long, I'm just sick and tired of them. Do we really want to spend another Super Bowl week listening to Bill Belichick mumble non-answers? No, we do not.”

So, to say that he simply failed as a communicator when he questioned Robert Kraft's integrity and called for the NFL to go nuclear on the Patriots is pure bullshit.

The reality is, when this asshole heard that those footballs were being inspected, he found an opportunity to pounce. This prick finally had a chance to smear the Patriots, kick Bill Belichick in the balls and tarnish the Patriots reputation. And he did all of the above.

Which is why this apology is nothing more than 4,000 or pure grade bullshit. Let’s be serious, this apology is just a pathetic attempt to get people to stop harassing him on Twitter and in the comment section of his articles.

Tough shit, asshole. When you start a witch hunt and fail, you’re the one who gets burned at the stake. This douche now has to live with the sins of his past and will feel the wrath of massholes for the rest of his pathetic writing career.

The bottom line is, this guy fucked with the wrong people.  Sorry Bob Kravitz.  You made your bed now you have to lie in it, bitch.

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