One Of The First Things Dustin Pedroia Did When He Arrived At Spring Training Yesterday Was Threaten Dan Shaughnessy. I Friggin Love This Guy.

Dustin Pedroia's first day of Spring Training was yesterday and Dan Shaughnessy tweeted this gem:


I'm sure he was joking.  Well, he was probably half joking.  Actually, he probably meant it and awkwardly laughed after so that mega douchebag Shaughnessy wouldn't call security and make a thing out of it.

Seriously, is there a more arrogant, pompous dickhead in the Boston media than Dan Shaughnessy?  The guy used to be a good sports writer then something changed.  I'm not sure when, but the dude turned into a crusty old troll who gets some sort of sick thrill out of pissing people off.

Remember, in one of his columns he accused David Ortiz of being on steroids because he was old and Dominican...and somehow he didn't lose his job at the Boston Globe.

And in July of 2014 he had the balls to write, "the Sox have a chance to finish in last place for the second time in three years, win a playoff game in only one of six seasons, and still be perceived by their fans as 'perennial contenders.'"

Note that he conveniently ignored the fact that the Red Sox actually won 11 playoffs games and the friggin World Series in 2013.  That is a master troll at work right there.  Seriously, that is probably the douchiest sentence in the history of Boston sports journalism.

I could go on and on with examples of Shaughnessy's douchebaggery but I don't want to get carpal tunnel syndrome writing a 150,000 word article.

Anyway, I'm glad Pedroia gave Shaughnessy that verbal bitch slap.  And if I had a press pass, the first thing I'd ask Pedroia is how exactly he planned on doing it--peruvian necktie, DDT?  And my followup question would be, "is it ok if I help you with that?"

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