I Think Hating Tom Brady Has Officially Become A National Pastime.

From TalkOfFameNetwork.com:
Charles Haley owns an NFL-record five Super Bowl rings. Quarterbacks Joe Montana and Tom Brady have four apiece. When asked during an interview with the Talk of Fame Network to choose between the two quarterbacks, Haley didn’t hesitate — Montana.

“Joe didn’t have to cheat,” Haley said. “I’ve lost all respect (for Brady). When your integrity is challenged in the game of football, to me, all his Super Bowls are tainted. I could be wrong. But I realize there were 12 balls deflated and 12 ain’t. Then you’ve got (Patriots coach Bill) Belichick coming on three different times trying to explain it… You know something is wrong.”

“This is what Charles Haley believes — it’s going to come back to haunt him one day,” Haley said.

First of all, anyone who refers to themselves in the third person is an asshole.

Now that I got that out of the way, it's worth mentioning that this guy was teammates with Joe Montana, so his opinion is just a little tainted.  Actually, it's very tainted.  Actually, no one gives a shit about his opinion....he played with Joe Montana.

Another reason he's probably a little pissy because he has five Super Bowl rings and his twitter account isn't even verified (seriously, @CharlesHaley94 has been on twitter since 2011 and isn't verified).

Anyway, I seriously may have to start a daily segment called "Tom Brady Hating Asshole Of The Day."  This is getting ridiculous.

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