Indy Star Columnist Wants Super Bowl XLIX To Be "Vacated" If Wells Report Proves Patriots Deflated Balls. You Can't Make This Shit Up.

The Patriots have a track record under Belichick of pushing the ethical boundaries (their substitution patterns that forced the NFL to make an adjustment for the Super Bowl) and outright cheating (Spygate). You get what you earn. The Patriots have earned our distrust.

And maybe the Patriots did rig the AFC title game, not that they needed to. If the Wells Report makes that conclusion, well, the Patriots are the biggest losers. I'd love to see Super Bowl XLIX vacated. I'd love to see Belichick suspended the entire 2015 season. That assumes the Wells Report proves he cheated.

I guess this, Gregg Doyel, guy doesn't believe in science.  Or have the internet.  Seriously, when this asshole writes, all I see is "bla bla bla."

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