REPORT: Patriots Locker Room Attendant Gave Unapproved Footballs To Official In AFC Championship Game. But It’s ESPN Reporting…So There’s That.

From ESPN:
A locker room attendant for the New England Patriots tried to introduce an unapproved special teams football into last month's AFC Championship Game.

In the first half of the AFC Championship Game, the sources said, McNally tried to give the unapproved football to an alternate official.

Walt Anderson, the referee for the AFC title game, had personally inspected and marked each of the footballs that were approved for use in that game. The alternate official, Greg Yette, became suspicious when he noticed that the football McNally handed him did not have the proper markings on it, three sources said.

So now DeflateGate isn’t about intentionally deflating footballs. Now it’s about a locker room attendant giving the wrong footballs to the wrong official. Wow, talk about making shit up.

This sounds like nothing more than an idiot locker room attendant making a simple mistake. But I guess ESPN needs to boost their ratings and web stats.

Once again, they are catering to the Patriots haters, but this time with a half assed report that led to them finding out the Patriots ball boy is incompetent. Good job, ESPN. Good effort.

Yet they refuse to investigate Jerry Rice's use of stickum and his bogus career. Ugh.

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