A Seahawks Fan Wrote A 3,000 Word "Open Letter" To The Patriots Bitching And Moaning About How They Acted Unprofessionally During The Super Bowl Parade. I Shit You Not.

From Q13 Fox in Seattle:
A woman sent this letter to Q13 FOX following news that some of the New England Patriots players appeared to take shots at the Seahawks during the Super Bowl Victory Parade on Wednesday.
(the actual letter is 3,000 words. This is a summary of the bitching and moaning):. 
Flying off at the mouth during the intensity and high stress moments of a football game is one thing, but going out of your way to parade around in front of your fans holding disrespectful signs and t-shirts directed towards the opposing team is simply bad form.

I would think you would want to be spending your celebratory parade actually celebrating your Superbowl championship win instead of dwelling on the other team. Any respect I had for your team before this incident was quickly lost when I saw your arrogant and unprofessional behavior.

The NFL is a great organization to be a part of and I hope that you will do it justice by acting like a team that deserves to win by not only your physical attributes and skill sets but by the quality of your character.

Amanda from Tacoma, Washington

Is this shit-for-brains Seahawks fan really that clueless? She realizes that Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch play for the Seahawks right?

Sherman is the epitome of douchebaggery. He talks more shit than a plumber and he's the guy who infamously tweeted that picture of himself running his mouth at the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL with the caption "u mad bro?"

And Marshawn Lynch’s douchgabbery is right on par with Sherman. He has made a mockery of this league with his stupid press conferences and literally acts like a 5 year old who is pissed at their parents.

Oh yea, and one of her players pretended to take a shit after a touchdown IN THE SUPER BOWL.  This actually happened:

Remember, the Patriots didn't hold up signs or t-shirts rubbing it the Rams, Panthers or Eagles faces after they beat them.  This is a Seahawks thing and it's is a direct response to the way that team handled themselves.  When you talk shit, you're going to eventually eat shit.  It's called karma.  The 12th man can bitch and moan all they want.  They had this coming.

And Q13 Fox in Seattle ought to be ashamed of themselves for posting such anti-Patriots propaganda.  But like I said before, the Patriots haters are not going away.  These assholes are always going to be here and this is the kind of bullshit we're going to have to deal with.  Forever.

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