NEWSFLASH: The Patriots Bashing, Tom Brady Hating Morons In The Media Aren't Going Away. Ever.

From WEEI:
The Tom Brady-Peyton Manning debate arguably was settled Sunday evening when Brady picked up his fourth Super Bowl win. For Tim Hasselbeck, though, the better quarterback doesn’t necessarily come down to who’s won the most championships

“As somebody who played at the quarterback position in the NFL, at a time that both of those guys were playing, nobody’s changed the game more than Peyton Manning or changed the way that that position is played more than Peyton Manning,” he said.

“Peyton Manning has won a Super Bowl, he’s achieved things that most quarterbacks aren’t able to ever achieve,” he said. “He’s going to own basically every passing record that exists. So you ask me whose career I would rather have, based on that and how I explained to you he changed the game of football from an offensive perspective, that was my answer.”

First of all, saying that he "played at the quarterback position in the NFL" is borderline bullshit. The guy played four seasons in the NFL and was a backup.

Secondly, he works for ESPN.  So, it is in his job description to spread anti-Patriot and anti-Brady propaganda and to wash Peyton Mannings balls any chance he gets.

All that being said, the bottom line is there will always be people out there who hate Tom Brady.  And those dickheads will always come up with irrational arguments to help spread their hatred. They will find ways to discredit his accomplishments and conveniently ignore reality.

There is no debate anymore.  That is a fact.  It's been settled.  But unfortunately, there will always be people like Tim Hasselbeck.  It doesn't matter how many more Super Bowls Tom Brady wins, there will still be people like him spewing their bullshit.  And that is frustrating as all hell...and kinda fucked up, actually.

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