Now That He's A Free Agent, Brandon Spikes Stopped Being A Dick About His Time With The Patriots. What A Friggin Hypocrite.

Brandon Spikes is a free agent.  And he did an interview on the NFL Network and was asked about the Patriots. And he absolutely washed Bill Belichick's balls.  He said:
“It’s the Hoodie. It’s Bill Belichick. He’s a genius. He just plugs guys in and his system works. My time there, I just learned how to be a true professional. It’s a first-class organization. They drafted me and a lot of teams passed on me. They gave me the opportunity and I’ll always be forever grateful for that.” 
It's amazing how much this asshole's tune has changed now that he's a free agent desperate for work.  Remember, this rant?

So, he talked shit, called his time in New England "4 years a slave" and blocked massholes...and this piece of shit thinks he has a chance to come back to the Patriots?  Yea, okay.  Keep dreaming, douchebag.

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