Another Trade Deadline Has Come And Gone And Another Friggin Bust For Peter Chiarelli.

What the hell was the point of putting David Krejci on long term injured reserve (and freeing up $5.25M in cap space) if you aren't going to do shit with it? Jesus H Christ, this is frustrating.

The Bruins have basically been treading water all season. You'd figure Peter Chiarelli would make a splash at the deadline and give them some sort of spark. But nope. The guy did what he always does. Just sat on his ass.

His only trades were for a 22 year old dude who has 12 goals this season and "a lot of upside" and a guy who is a fourth liner at best.  Well, big shit.

Now Cam Neely has all the ammo he needs to fire Chiarelli. The Tyler Seguin trade alone was enough grounds to fire his ass as far as Im concerned. When you add to that the Johnny Boychuk trade and now this dud of a deadline, there is absolutely no need to keep this incompetent piece of shit around.

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