Marshawn Lynch Said If He Ran That Ball He'd Be "The Face Of The Nation, Super Bowl MVP." Yea, And If My Aunt Had A Dick She'd Be My Uncle.

From (a sports network on Turkey):
"You let me run that ball in, I’m the face of the nation. You know, the MVP of the Super Bowl, that’s pretty much the face of the nation at that point in time.

I don’t know what went into that call. I mean, maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t get the ball. It cost us the Super Bowl. I mean, I have full confidence in my teammates to execute that plan because we’ve done it so many more times. But would I have loved to had the ball? Yes, I would have."

Wow, throwing his head coach under the bus and bragging about how he was almost a Super Bowl hero.  What a role model, huh?  I'm glad Tom Brady, and not this douche, is the "face of the nation."

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