AUDIO: Stephen A. Smith Says Tom Brady Skipped The White House Trip Because The President Is Black. This Guy Has Some Balls.

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Leave it to Stephen A. Smith to conveniently ignore the facts and make shit up just for the sake of making shit up.  The dude went on a 10 minute rant about Tom Brady skipping the Patriots' White House visit and had the balls to imply that Tom Brady is racist.

Listen to this ignorant asshole ask the question, "why do I feel like if George W. Bush or Bill Clinton or somebody was president, why do I feel like Tom Brady would have been there then? Is it just me? Is it just me? I haven't heard anybody but me mention it either. I haven't heard anybody but yours truly mention this."

Yea, nobody has mentioned it because it doesn't make any fucking sense.  Jesus H Christ, I cannot believe the bullshit that is spewed on sports talk radio these days.  And I can't believe people actually listen to this dude.

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