FINAL: Red Sox 8 Phillies 0

Okay, that was friggin awesome.  I knew this lineup was stacked but damn, even I didn't see this coming.

This offense friggin exploded on Cole Hamels.  Dustin Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez each hit two home runs (including a grand slam for Ramirez) and Mookie Betts had one.  And Clay Buchholz actually looked like an ace.  Seriously, he went 7 innings, didnt allow a run, gave up 3 hits and struck out 9.

I don't care that it was against the pathetic Phillies.  That is friggin nasty stuff right there.

So Cole Hamels sucked, Mookie Betts hit a home run and Jon Lester last night only lasted 4.1 innings for the Cubs and gave up 8 runs and 3 hits.  Somewhere, Ben Cherington is sitting back with his feet up and thinking, "yup."

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