Mayor Walsh Publicly Ripped Ted Wells And Says The NFL Is "Stretching Their Report." Damn, That's What I Call A Verbal Bitch Slap.

From BostonHerald:
Mayor Walsh told reporters he regarded the “more probably than not” standard as “very vague.”

“I don’t know what type of investigation that is. Usually when you have an investigation it comes back with some concrete answers, this is what was known, this is how we did it.

It seems like somebody’s stretching something. And I don’t know if the NFL’s stretching their report and they don’t have any facts and they’re just trying to make it look bad on the Patriots, or the Patriots haven’t responded properly. I don’t know.”

Okay, when you have a sitting mayor calling your report bullshit, you know you've failed.  The bottom line is, Ted Wells and his cronies found nothing on Tom Brady yet had the balls to release the report anyway.  Everyone should be pissed right now.

In summary, Wells theorized that Tom Brady "probably" knew balls were deflated under regulation and people actually think Wells proved that Brady cheated.  Damn, there are a lot of mindless shitheads out there.

The dude found a way to sway public opinion and convince people that Brady cheated with absolutely no evidence.  Yup, Ted Wells just mindfucked an entire population.  And that is goddamn scary.

Thankfully, our mayor is an independent thinker and the kind of guy who has the balls to call out Wells' and the NFL for their bullshit propaganda...I mean report.  Massholes everywhere thank you, Mr Mayor.

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