While You Were BBQing And Getting Drunk This Weekend, Robert Kraft Admitted That He Bowed To Goodell In That Press Conference To "Benefit Brady."

Everyone has been wondering why Robert Kraft held that press conference last week and gave Roger Goodell a verbal BJ.  Well, now we know why.

Larry King (yes, that Larry King) says that he spoke with Robert Kraft this weekend and Kraft told him that the only reason he bowed to Roger Goodell was because he, "hopes that may somehow benefit Tom Brady."

I'm telling you right now, I will be friggin shocked if Tom Brady's suspension isn't completely wiped out. The only way Robert Kraft would have gone out there and got on his knees for Goodell is if he was promised that Tom Brady's punishement would be completely exonerated.

Anything less and Roger Goodell will go down as the biggest asshole in the history of everything.


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