Terrell Suggs: "The Last Coach That Got Caught Cheating Got Suspended For A Whole Year." This Clown Needs To STFU.

From TMZ:
The Baltimore Ravens stud was leaving Mastro's Steakhouse in Bev Hills last night when we asked if the Pats got what they deserved -- $1 million fine, loss of draft picks and the 4-game suspension for Brady.

Sugg's response -- "I don't know. That's not my job. I'm glad I don't got it ... but the last coach that got caught cheating got suspended for a whole year. So ..."

Seems he's strongly suggesting Brady and the gang got off SUPER EASY compared to New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton.

If this friggin moron really thinks that paying players to injure other players is the same thing as (allegedly) deflating footballs below regulation, then he is dumber than I ever imagined.

On a side note,  I don't understand how anyone can listen to a guy who is so fucked up in the head that he once punched his girlfriend and dragged her from a moving car while his kids were inside and also poured bleach on her face while she was holding their one year old.

Seriously, this douchebag is lucky to even have an NFL career. In reality, he should be in jail right now.  So, he needs to shut the fuck up and be thankful that he isn't waking up beside a guy named bubba every morning and wondering why his ass is always sore.

The NFL gave him everything.  And this ungrateful son of a bitch has the balls to run his mouth about the greatest franchise in the past 15 years and the greatest coach this game has ever seen?  Wow.  Just...wow.

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