REPORT: Tom Brady WILL Be Suspended. The Announcement Will Be Made Next Week. Oh My God, The NFL Is A Friggin Joke.

From NY Daily News:
Tom Brady will be the highest profile player ever suspended in the 96-year history of the NFL.

Roger Goodell's decision is expected to be announced next week and it is no longer a matter of if the NFL commissioner will suspend Brady, but for how long he will suspend him.

The NFL is convinced, according to sources, that connecting all the dots of the evidence supplied by Wells leads to one conclusion: Brady cheated.

How in the name of everything that is holy can you suspend a guy based on the fact that he "probably" cheated?  That is fucked up beyond words.

Roger Goodell fucking sucks at his job.  He saw the video of Ray Rice beat his fiancee and (first lied about seeing it) then suspended him for two games.  Now he is going to suspend the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL because he "probably" cheated?  That is fucking ridiculous.

Goodell has to go.  Like fucking now.  I'm telling you right now, there will be protesting outside his office the day he announces the suspension.  And when the people of New England take to the streets and riot, the blood will be on his hands.

There is no proof that Brady ordered balls to be deflated below regulation.  None.  Period.  Being "generally aware" of something is arbitrary.  It's Ted Wells' opinion.  And it is fucking bullshit.  It is so friggin sad that in the NFL you are guilty until proven innocent and can be suspended because some hired lawyer thinks you "probably" did something wrong.

On a side note, I am calling it right now: Tom Brady will not lose a game this season.  Whenever he does come back, he will be playing "fuck you football" and ride this league wide hatred for him to the Super Bowl.  And when Roger Goodell hands him his fifth Super Bowl trophy, he'll look him in the eye, say "you fucking asshole" then drop the mic and walk away.

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