Well, The Red Sox Just Keep On Sucking Along...

I haven't posted about the Red Sox in a while mostly because I hate writing headlines like these and just don't particularly enjoy shitting on this team.  But what the hell.  I'm bored with DeflateGate, so here we go.

Their "ace," who is supposed to stop the bleeding, gave up 6 earned runs in seven innings today.  His ERA is now 5.37...and the Red Sox owe him $95,000,000 (that's 95 million) over the next five season.  How the Christ does Ben Cherington still have a job right now?

The Red Sox scored 7 runs in this series sweep and Dustin Pedroia drove in four of them.  Kudos to him for playing balls to the wall and shame on the rest of this lineup for half assing it most nights and simply showing up because they have to in order to collect their paycheck.

This team is in last place and they're showing zero signs of life.  If John Henry had any balls, he'd fire John Farrell sooner than later and replace Ben Cherington with a Kermit the frog hand puppet.  Hell, he'd probably do just as good of a job.

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