The Washington Post Is Calling For Roger Goodell To Lift Tom Brady’s Suspension Entirely, Calls Text Message Evidence “Nonsense.”

From The Washington Post:
Roger Goodell can restore a sense of loftiness to the NFL commissioner’s office with a simple expedited decision. He should lift the suspension on Tom Brady this week and turn his disciplinary eye on the vague, sloppily enforced league rules that caused DeflateGate in the first place.

If he leaves the suspension in place, it will be an obvious abuse of power based on highly questionable evidence. Goodell can legitimately say that it is impossible for him to evaluate “the preponderance of evidence” for the simple reason that there is none.

Wells has tried to argue that text messages between Brady and equipment managers are “direct evidence and inculpatory,” but that’s nonsense.

Goodell has lowered himself in DeflateGate, ironically over a matter of air. The only way to put some loft back into his office is with a speedy, fair dismissal.

Damn.  A major publication has verbally bitch slapped Roger Goodell and called Ted Wells out for his bullshit claim that vague text messages equate to guilt.  Wow. 

The author of this article, Sally Jenkins, deserves a Pulitzer Prize.  That is not hyperbole.  It takes balls to write this story.  I mean, everyone else in the mainstream media has a pants tent over the fact that Roger Goodell finally 'got' Tom Brady.  Seriously, most major media outlets are openly cheering Goodell on and openly rooting for Tom Brady to get humiliated.

That's why this is such a big deal.  A major, mainstream media publication actually published an unbiased, rational explanation for what should happen.  Goddamn, this feels good.

Let's just hope all the mindless Patriots haters in the media get wind of this and get inspired to think rationally and stop making asses of themselves. I mean, taking an idiotic, irrational stance on this and hoping Brady gets his suspension upheld simply because he kicked your team's ass at some point is friggin pathetic.  Kudos to Sally Jenkins. Kudos.

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Damn, Milan Lucic Is Gone. He Is Really Gone.

I think we all knew this was coming, but it still sucks. I mean, despite the salary cap bullshit, I always thought Milan Lucic would be a Bruin for life. I really did. I'm going to miss posting his fights, I'm going to miss making headlines with him on them, I'm going to miss seeing his jerseys around the Boston Garden and I just miss the fact that Milan Lucic is no longer a Boston Bruin. Fuck, man.

Anyway, this one is for you Looch.

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Broncos' Emmanuel Sanders Thinks The Patriots Shouldn't Be Considered Super Bowl Champions Because Of DeflateGate. This Guy Needs To STFU.

From in Colorado:
"Am I mad about Deflategate?'' Sanders said, repeating the youngster's question. "I feel like I'm on ESPN with that question. … Yeah, yeah, I'm kind of mad. I don't think that they should be the Super Bowl champion this year. "You aren't supposed to cheat."
Oh my God, when is this bullshit going to end?  This guy is just another bitter prick frustrated because Tom Brady wins Super Bowls and he doesn't.

On a side note, when this douche played for the Steelers he was fined for faking an injury.  So yea, this guys needs to shut the fuck up and be careful who he accuses of cheating.

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"Masshole" Has Finally Been Added To The Oxford English Dictionary. That's Right....We're Legit, Bitches!

Masshole has officially been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, though it’s been in the lexicon of the Bay State’s neighbors for years.

Masshole joins hot mess, twerk, fo’shizzle, sext, stanky, twitterati, meh, and nearly 500 other words added Wednesday.

From Masshole’s now-official dictionary entry: Masshole, n. A term of contempt for: a native or inhabitant of the state of Massachusetts.

Well, it's official.  Masshole has finally been recognized by the mainstream.  That is fucking awesome.

I really think I'm going to friggin cry.  I mean, I can't help but think back to the day when Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston refused to credit Masshole Sports as a source in one of his articles because, as he said, "my bosses would think it was in bad taste to credit someone who calls himself the 'masshole.'"

And I can't help but think of all the times those gumpy bastids on sports talk radio would talk about something I posted and not refer Masshole Sports by name because they thought massholes were some sort of bottom feeding subculture that didn't deserve the respect.

Well going forward, anyone who refuses to use Masshole in the mainstream or who considers it, "in bad taste" can screw.  We're legit, bitches.

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REPORT: Ted Wells "Wouldn't Be Allowed In A High School Science Fair" Because Data Collection In The Wells Report Was Basically Bullshit.

Instead of acknowledging that game day conditions could have accounted for the psi changes, an acknowledgement that wouldn’t preclude other evidence of foul play, the NFL’s Wells Report concludes that there’s an “absence of a credible scientific explanation for the Patriots halftime measurements.”

It would be one thing if the Wells Report just said that additional evidence was more compelling than the pressure data. Or if it noted that the pressure data are ambiguous, collected so haphazardly that they wouldn’t be allowed in a high school science fair: Two different gauges that differed by approximately 0.4 psi were used in taking measurements, and it isn’t clear which one was used in the pre-game measurements because those data were not recorded.

The scientific analysis in the Wells Report was a good attempt to seek the truth, however, it was based on data that are simply insufficient.

Damn.  This dude is pissing off scientists all over the country.  Actually, a lot of people have been calling the Wells Report bullshit since the day it was released.  But it's nice to hear reputable scientists give this assclown a verbal bitch slap.

There's only one conclusion I can draw from the fact that the scientific community is piling one:  I can't wait to see Tom Brady kick the Steelers' ass in Week 1.

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A-Rod Got His 3000th Hit Last Night. It's Nice To See The NY Papers Treat Him Like The Asshole He Is.

These are the sports pages of the Daily News and New York Post today.  Pissa.

This mancunt is the biggest fraud in the history of professional sports.

He cheated.  That is a fact.  And for all we know, the dude is still on something and just keeps playing and racking up the milestones oblivious to the fact that he is a going to go down as a mega douchebag who disrespected this game and everyone whose records he is breaking.

I'm glad someone in the mainstream media has the balls to call him out.

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The Chicago Sun Times Declared Chicago "Title Town" Despite Winning Only 4 Championships In The Past 15 Years. That's Rather Ballsy.

Boston has won nine titles in the past 15 years.  Chicago has won four.  But as you can see in the sub headline, " no city has won as many championships since 1990."  That is such a friggin stretch.  And it's kinda pathetic.

The reality is, they've won 10 titles in 25 years and six of them were Michael Jordan's titles back in the 90's.  I'm sorry, but if you got laid a lot in high school like 20 years ago, you are no longer a stud.  Period.  Sorry, Chicago.  Nice try though.

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VIDEO: Donald Trump Compared Tom Brady To Chinese Politicians During His Presidential Announcement Speech Yesterday. Um...Okay.

Donald Trump announced yesterday that he is running for President and during his speech, he compared Tom Brady and the Patriots to Chinese politicians (at the 26 minute mark).  I think he was trying to give them a compliment....I think.

Anyway, this guy isn't going to win no matter how much he panders to Patriots fans. But the campaign is going to be a hell of a lot more entertaining with him running.

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Well, It Appears Jason Varitek Is Getting Ready For His New Role As The Next Red Sox Manager.

This was tweeted by Mrs. Varitek during the game yesterday:


I'm not trying to start shit, but it did seem a little odd seeing Jason Varitek just casually hanging out in the dugout yesterday.

Technically speaking, his official title with the Red Sox is "special assistant to the General Manager," so the fact that he was here, in uniform, isn't exactly an Earth shattering revelation.

But you can't help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, he is trying to get a feel for that clubhouse before he decides whether or not he wants to accept the job.

It makes perfect sense.  I mean, John Farrell is basically one more shitty road trip from being fired and this team needs someone like Varitek.  You know, the type of guy who will hold players accountable for their half assed effort instead of just accepting it and saying, "we played poorly" every friggin night in his post game press conference.

And it wouldn't hurt to have a guy with balls running that clubhouse.  The type of guy who would have no problem punching Wade Miley in the face the next time he throws a hissy fit.

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The Patriots Got Their Super Bowl Rings Last Night...And They Are Fucking Beautiful

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VIDEO: Tom Brady Was Absolutely Killing It On The Dance Floor At The Patriots Ring Ceremony Last Night

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game...but let's just say he won't be invited on Dancing With The Stars anytime soon.

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I'm Not Going To Lie, Seeing Tom Brady Wearing 4 Super Bowl Ring Kinda Gives Me A Pants Tent.

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The Red Sox Lost Again Today. They Got Swept By The Blue Jays And Have Now Lost 6 In A Row.

This friggin team has given up 31 runs in their last three games and are playing like they just don't give a shit. This team isn't even worthy of a headline or a game recap.

So in lieu of a recap, I'm just going to leave this here:

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The Colts Will Hang A "2014 AFC Finalist" Banner At Lucas Oil Stadium This Season. That Is so Friggin Pathetic.

via Twitter/@DaveFurst

The sports director at WRTV ABC 6 in Indianapolis, Dave Furst, posted this picture on Twitter today (real, not photoshopped).  Yes, that says 2014 AFC Finalist.  And yes, it is friggin pathetic.

They got their asses handed to them 45-7 for Christ's sake.  You'd figure they would want to forget that one.

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VIDEO: Gronk Refused To Answer A DeflateGate Question On Family Feud And Kinda Looked Pissed Off.

If you didn't know, Rob Gronkowski and his brothers are going to be on Celebrity Family Feud on June 21st. They released a teaser and, of course, had to reference DeflateGate. Bunch of ball busters. I'm surprised Gronk didn't just say, "deez nuts" then turn around and walk away.

The episode of Family Feud with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is going to be AMAZING.
Posted by Will Brinson on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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Joe Montana Says 49ers Offensive Line Cheated By Putting Silicone On Their Jerseys. Yea, I Think It's Time For The Brady Haters To Back The Fuck Off.

From The Pittsburgh Tribune:
Montana was candid about fellow four-time winning Super Bowl quarterback Tom Brady and the allegation that he instructed Patriots employees to deflate footballs before the AFC championship game against the Colts in January.

“Everybody is trying to do something different,” Montana said. “Our offensive linemen used to spray silicone on their shirts until they got caught. Once you get caught, you get caught. Period. It doesn't take anything away from Tom's game. But how long has he been doing it? I don't know.”

Montana, who called Brady a great quarterback who has had a great career, thinks the Deflategate saga is “funny.”

Damn. So, Jerry Rice used Stickum and Joe Montana's offensive linemen put silicone on their jerseys. And people are pissed off about under inflated footballs?

Anyone who says Tom Brady's Super Bowl championships are tainted or that his stats deserve to have an asterisk next to them needs to STFU.

Because if you're not going to bash Joe Montana, then you can't bash Brady.  Period.  If you do, then you're just exposing yourself as an ignorant, irrational Patriots hating asshole and shouldn't talk about football.

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Shaquille O'Neal Admitted That He Deflated Basketballs While Winning Championships With The Lakers. Where Is The Friggin Outrage?

From ESPN:
But long before "Deflategate," the practice of putting extra air in or letting it out of a game ball -- beyond the regulated amount -- was used by some of the NBA's biggest teams and stars.

Take Shaquille O'Neal, for instance.  "Sometimes, in the games during all my championship runs, if a ball was too hard, I let air out," the former All-Star center said in a recent episode of "The Big Podcast With Shaq." O'Neal said he'd walk up to the ball rack before a game, "Get the ball, 'Tsssss' let a little bit of air out, squeeze it -- OK, good.""
"A friend of mine would have a needle and I would get the game ball. It's all about my [comfort level]. A lot of times, if the balls have too much air in them, they're too bouncy. I didn't want them to be bouncy. I needed that grip."... I needed that extra grip."

How is this not a big story?

Seriously, the lack of outrage over this is just further proof that DeflateGate isn't about deflated footballs. It's about 99% of the football world hating Tom Brady because he is so fucking good.  Fans of other teams are jealously and former (and current) players are bitter because Tom Brady has kicked their ass at some point.  That is it.

It's the same thing with Jerry Rice.  The dude admits he used Stickum and the blowhards in the media aren't calling for his Super Bowls to be retracted or for asterisks next to his records.

The more I hear stories about former athletes bending the rules, the more I realize DeflateGate is a Tom Brady thing.  People finally found a reason to pounce on him after that bullshit Wells Report came out and they did...and it is friggin embarrassing.

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VIDEO: Watching David Ortiz And Gronk Singing About Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Is Friggin Painful.

Why?  For the love of Christ, why would they agree to do this?

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Ben Cherington Thinks The Red Sox Can Win The Division And Actually Praised Hanley Ramirez For His "Courage" In Left Field. I Shit You Not.

His $200 million team is one of the worst in baseball. But general manager Ben Cherington said Friday that the Red Sox remain capable of winning the division.

He also offered a forceful defense of Hanley Ramirez, saying he showed “courage” in taking the team’s $88 million contract offer to play left field.

“I can still see a team that’s capable of winning the division. I’m confident we’re going to play better. In a lot of ways I feel like we’re closer to being the team we can be and a good team than we were a couple of weeks ago.”

Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha.

It's like he doesn't even watch the games.

I don't want to get too obnoxious by throwing a bunch of numbers at you,  but in order to win the division, they're going to have to win about 90 games. To get to 90 wins, the Red Sox would have to go 65-41 the rest of the way.

To think this team is going to go 20 games over .500 going forward, you have to be friggin soft in the head or in denial.

I guess to Ben Cherington, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

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REPORT: Patriots Are Using Drones To Record Their Practices And Of Course Some Douchebag Steelers Blogger Is Accusing Them Of Cheating.

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald first reported on Friday that the Patriots, "used a drone above the practice fields to film the workout."  And of course, a Patriots hating Steelers blogger went apeshit.

From Behind The Steel Curtain:
"New England Patriots drone program a source of mystery and concern"
While the Steelers used Go Pro cameras at their OTAs, the Patriots launched a drone program at their training facility last Friday.  The Patriots VP of Media Relations Stacey James simply said the drones were part of a "football initiative".

Spying is a part of Patriots history.  Secret drone programs are normally associated with activities like spying.

It is probably safe to assume that Patriots drones are not intended to harm people on the ground. On the other hand, Belichick did seem to leave the door open for a new Spygate-style initiative, about which he can later claim ignorance.

Once again, Bill Belichick is showing that he is a genius who is ahead of the curve and once again people are pissed off.  Yawn.

The bottom line is, Belichick is recording his own practices in order to get film to study and make his football team better than everyone else. That is it.  The fact that this douchebag blogger thinks Belichick is opening the door to a "Spygate-style initative" just makes him look like a bitter asshole.

My question is: how long before the national media catching wind of this and accuses Belichick of the same thing?  Sit tight, people.  It's coming.  Because it makes for a good story during this NFL down time and there are reporters working for places like ESPN douchey enough to use this as a chance to pounce on Belichick.

And what scares the shit out of me is that Roger Goodell is still the commissioner of this league.  I would not be surprised at all to see him turn this into the next DeflateGate-style shitshow.

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