Broncos' Emmanuel Sanders Thinks The Patriots Shouldn't Be Considered Super Bowl Champions Because Of DeflateGate. This Guy Needs To STFU.

From in Colorado:
"Am I mad about Deflategate?'' Sanders said, repeating the youngster's question. "I feel like I'm on ESPN with that question. … Yeah, yeah, I'm kind of mad. I don't think that they should be the Super Bowl champion this year. "You aren't supposed to cheat."
Oh my God, when is this bullshit going to end?  This guy is just another bitter prick frustrated because Tom Brady wins Super Bowls and he doesn't.

On a side note, when this douche played for the Steelers he was fined for faking an injury.  So yea, this guys needs to shut the fuck up and be careful who he accuses of cheating.

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