Well, It Appears Jason Varitek Is Getting Ready For His New Role As The Next Red Sox Manager.

This was tweeted by Mrs. Varitek during the game yesterday:


I'm not trying to start shit, but it did seem a little odd seeing Jason Varitek just casually hanging out in the dugout yesterday.

Technically speaking, his official title with the Red Sox is "special assistant to the General Manager," so the fact that he was here, in uniform, isn't exactly an Earth shattering revelation.

But you can't help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, he is trying to get a feel for that clubhouse before he decides whether or not he wants to accept the job.

It makes perfect sense.  I mean, John Farrell is basically one more shitty road trip from being fired and this team needs someone like Varitek.  You know, the type of guy who will hold players accountable for their half assed effort instead of just accepting it and saying, "we played poorly" every friggin night in his post game press conference.

And it wouldn't hurt to have a guy with balls running that clubhouse.  The type of guy who would have no problem punching Wade Miley in the face the next time he throws a hissy fit.

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