REPORT: Ted Wells "Wouldn't Be Allowed In A High School Science Fair" Because Data Collection In The Wells Report Was Basically Bullshit.

Instead of acknowledging that game day conditions could have accounted for the psi changes, an acknowledgement that wouldn’t preclude other evidence of foul play, the NFL’s Wells Report concludes that there’s an “absence of a credible scientific explanation for the Patriots halftime measurements.”

It would be one thing if the Wells Report just said that additional evidence was more compelling than the pressure data. Or if it noted that the pressure data are ambiguous, collected so haphazardly that they wouldn’t be allowed in a high school science fair: Two different gauges that differed by approximately 0.4 psi were used in taking measurements, and it isn’t clear which one was used in the pre-game measurements because those data were not recorded.

The scientific analysis in the Wells Report was a good attempt to seek the truth, however, it was based on data that are simply insufficient.

Damn.  This dude is pissing off scientists all over the country.  Actually, a lot of people have been calling the Wells Report bullshit since the day it was released.  But it's nice to hear reputable scientists give this assclown a verbal bitch slap.

There's only one conclusion I can draw from the fact that the scientific community is piling one:  I can't wait to see Tom Brady kick the Steelers' ass in Week 1.

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