REPORT: Patriots Are Using Drones To Record Their Practices And Of Course Some Douchebag Steelers Blogger Is Accusing Them Of Cheating.

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald first reported on Friday that the Patriots, "used a drone above the practice fields to film the workout."  And of course, a Patriots hating Steelers blogger went apeshit.

From Behind The Steel Curtain:
"New England Patriots drone program a source of mystery and concern"
While the Steelers used Go Pro cameras at their OTAs, the Patriots launched a drone program at their training facility last Friday.  The Patriots VP of Media Relations Stacey James simply said the drones were part of a "football initiative".

Spying is a part of Patriots history.  Secret drone programs are normally associated with activities like spying.

It is probably safe to assume that Patriots drones are not intended to harm people on the ground. On the other hand, Belichick did seem to leave the door open for a new Spygate-style initiative, about which he can later claim ignorance.

Once again, Bill Belichick is showing that he is a genius who is ahead of the curve and once again people are pissed off.  Yawn.

The bottom line is, Belichick is recording his own practices in order to get film to study and make his football team better than everyone else. That is it.  The fact that this douchebag blogger thinks Belichick is opening the door to a "Spygate-style initative" just makes him look like a bitter asshole.

My question is: how long before the national media catching wind of this and accuses Belichick of the same thing?  Sit tight, people.  It's coming.  Because it makes for a good story during this NFL down time and there are reporters working for places like ESPN douchey enough to use this as a chance to pounce on Belichick.

And what scares the shit out of me is that Roger Goodell is still the commissioner of this league.  I would not be surprised at all to see him turn this into the next DeflateGate-style shitshow.

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