The Washington Post Is Calling For Roger Goodell To Lift Tom Brady’s Suspension Entirely, Calls Text Message Evidence “Nonsense.”

From The Washington Post:
Roger Goodell can restore a sense of loftiness to the NFL commissioner’s office with a simple expedited decision. He should lift the suspension on Tom Brady this week and turn his disciplinary eye on the vague, sloppily enforced league rules that caused DeflateGate in the first place.

If he leaves the suspension in place, it will be an obvious abuse of power based on highly questionable evidence. Goodell can legitimately say that it is impossible for him to evaluate “the preponderance of evidence” for the simple reason that there is none.

Wells has tried to argue that text messages between Brady and equipment managers are “direct evidence and inculpatory,” but that’s nonsense.

Goodell has lowered himself in DeflateGate, ironically over a matter of air. The only way to put some loft back into his office is with a speedy, fair dismissal.

Damn.  A major publication has verbally bitch slapped Roger Goodell and called Ted Wells out for his bullshit claim that vague text messages equate to guilt.  Wow. 

The author of this article, Sally Jenkins, deserves a Pulitzer Prize.  That is not hyperbole.  It takes balls to write this story.  I mean, everyone else in the mainstream media has a pants tent over the fact that Roger Goodell finally 'got' Tom Brady.  Seriously, most major media outlets are openly cheering Goodell on and openly rooting for Tom Brady to get humiliated.

That's why this is such a big deal.  A major, mainstream media publication actually published an unbiased, rational explanation for what should happen.  Goddamn, this feels good.

Let's just hope all the mindless Patriots haters in the media get wind of this and get inspired to think rationally and stop making asses of themselves. I mean, taking an idiotic, irrational stance on this and hoping Brady gets his suspension upheld simply because he kicked your team's ass at some point is friggin pathetic.  Kudos to Sally Jenkins. Kudos.

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