David Ortiz Thinks Ted Williams' Record Home Run And The Red Seat Honoring It At Fenway Park Are "Bull." Wow.

On this, the night of the MLB Home Run Derby, David Ortiz was asked about Ted Williams' record 502 foot home run, which is commemorated at Fenway Park with a red seat (here's the Wikipedia entry on it, if you don't know).

From BostonGlobe.com:
“The red seat?” Ortiz inquired. “Cough — bull — cough.”  The expulsion occurred twice, before Ortiz roared with laughter in the Sox dugout.

“I don’t think anyone has ever hit one there,” said Ortiz. “I went up there and sat there one time. That’s far, brother.  The closest one that I have ever seen — I remember a day game, I hit a ball in that tunnel. But still — I crushed one and it wasn’t even close to that.”

What the hell has gotten into Papi these days? First he bitches and moans to the media about not wanting to play first base. Then he (allegedly) faked a cold to get out of playing on Sunday. Now he is questioning the legacy of Ted Williams?

It's like Ortiz is trying to piss us massholes off and I have no friggin idea why.

Sure, he is David Ortiz--he has had some of the most clutch hits in the history of the Red Sox, won three World Series' and is basically a living legend--but I have to call him out on this one. I mean, that was a dick thing to say, plain and simple.  I don't care that he laughed afterwards.  It doesn't forgive the douchbaggery of that statement.

I get it that losing sucks and it makes people a little cranky, but Christ Almighty he needs to tone it down.  I am one more incident from friggin unloading on him and I really, really don't want to have to do that.

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