Rex Ryan Says The Patriots Were "Clearly Trying To Embarrass" The Bills In Week Two.

From WEEI:
The Bills coach, asked about Buffalo’s next opponent — the Giants and Eli Manning — said he liked the fact New York beat Tom Brady and the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl...Ryan then doubled-back to recall the 40-32 loss in Week 2 he and the Bills suffered against the Patriots, a game where Brady threw for 466 yards in the win.

“Our emotions got the better of us,” Ryan told reporters. “But I loved how we battled back when a team was clearly trying to embarrass us.”

Awe.  I hope someone called the waaambulance after this interview.

But seriously, you play to win the games.  Tom Brady can't help it if he is other worldly and puts up 466 yards and three touchdowns.  That's just the kind of stuff that happens when you're the best quarterback in the league and Rex Ryan is just going to have to put up with it.  Tough shit, pal.

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VIDEO: Those Masshole Fishermen That Caught The "Baby Fuckin Whale" Were On Jimmy Kimmel Last Night And Said Roger Goodell Sucks...On National TV. Wicked Pissa, Kid.

Listen at the 3:45 mark when Jimmy Kimmel asks them about the commissioner of the NFL and Mikey simply says, "you suck Roger Goodell" like a good masshole.  I friggin love these guys.

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REPORT: DeflateGate Appeal May Be Heard The Week Before The Super Bowl. Unfuckingbelievable.

From CBS Sports:
Get ready for another Super Bowl week filled with Deflategate rumblings, because that's exactly what could be coming this February. On Tuesday, a federal appeals court approved the NFL and NFL Players Association's request to expedite the NFL's appeal of the ruling that lifted Tom Brady's four-game Deflategate suspension.

The appeal will now be heard as early as the week of Feb. 1, And that means the appeal could be heard during the lead-up to Super Bowl 50, which will be played at Levi's Stadium on Feb. 7.

Seriously, listening to all the blowhards in the national media rehash DeflateGate bullshit the week leading up to the Super Bowl is going to be nauseating.

And if the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, it is going to be un fucking bearable.  All the Patriots haters are going to use their national platform to shit on Brady, Belichick, Kraft, etc all over again.

So, Roger Goodell has once again turned this league into a soap opera cerka WWE on a national stage.  This is so friggin embarrassing for the league.

This is the 50th Super Bowl and is supposed to be a time to celebrate it's history.  But instead, I guarantee people will spend the entire week bitching about Tom Brady.  And that is a Goddamn shame.

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One Year Ago Today, Trent Dilfer Made Himself Look Like The Biggest Asshole Of Them All.

The date was September 29th, 2014. The Patriots had just lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 41-14 on Monday Night Football and Trent Dilfer said the dumbest thing in the history of his sorry assed "analyst" career.

By the way, five months later this happened:

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I'm Just Going To Leave This Right Here.

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FINAL: Patriots 51 Jaguars 17

And so the Tom Brady Fuck Them All Tour 2015 just keeps on rolling on.

The Patriots scored on every single possession in this game except the final knee.  That is unfuckingbelievable. I mean, it was complete and utter domination.  Everyone expected it though, so I can't say I'm sitting here with a pants tent over it right now.

What this game did tell me is that Bill Belichick is in full blown "screw you" mode.  He doesn't care if it's the Jacksonville Jaguars in week three of if its the friggin Super Bowl, he is going balls to the wall every single game this year.  The rest of the league has to be shitting their pants right now.

Tom Brady threw for 358 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions.  For the season, he has thrown for 1112 yards, nine touchdown and no interceptions in three games.  That is friggin scary.

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Jonathan Kraft On The 0-3 Ravens: 'It's Too Bad About Baltimore, John Harbaugh Is A Sweetheart.' Daaaamn.

From WEEI:
Speaking on the Patriots radio network pregame show, team president Jonathan Kraft took a little tongue-in-cheek shot at the Ravens.
“It’s too bad about Baltimore, isn’t it?” Kraft said of the Ravens, who lost at Denver in the waning moments on opening day before spitting the bit last week against the lowly Raiders in Oakland. “It’s really too bad about Baltimore.” 

Asked if this might be “karma” coming back to bite the Ravens, Kraft said, “Oh, that has nothing to do with it,” Kraft said. “The Ravens are sweethearts. John Harbaugh, he’s a sweetheart.”

I guess Jonathan Kraft is getting sick of being the nice guy, huh?  Good for him.  John Harbaugh is an asshole.  He's a real asshole.

The dude bitched about the Patriots "illegal" formation during the playoffs last year then had the balls to actually use that same play this year.  Plus, he's the one who told the Colts to asked the league to check the PSI's of the footballs during the AFC Championship game.  So, I don't blame Jonathan Kraft one bit for verbally bitch slapping him and his sucky team.

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Here Are The Patriots Jaguars Keys To The Game

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Darrelle Revis Favorited A Tweet About Brady Being Suspended. Could This Guy Be Any More Of A Dick?

If you go to Darrell Revis' twitter page and look at his favorited tweets, this is the first one you'll see.


What fuckin balls this guy has.  I mean, I understand the whole Patriots Jets rivalry.  I get it.  But the dude is a player.  He shouldn't be doing petty shit like this.  It's just unprofessional and unnecessary.

On top of that, if it wasn't for Brady he wouldn't even have a ring.  So in theory, he should be kissing Tom's ass publicly.  Not being a dick towards him.

All this does is make Tom Brady even more pissed off than he already is.  I cannot wait to watch Brady kick the Jets' ass twice this year and light his sorry ass up in the process.

Thanks for the extra bulletin board material, dickhead.

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REPORT: Anonymous NFL Source Says There's "No Doubt" Tom Brady Will Serve A Four Game Suspension THIS Season.

From CBS New York:
On Friday’s “Boomer and Carton” program, WFAN host Craig Carton said that he was with a “very influential person in the NFL” on Thursday. Carton said the person told him “there’s no doubt in his mind” that Brady will serve a four-game suspension this season after the NFL’s appeal is heard. Carton reports that the league is trying to get the appeal expedited.

Very influential person?  What the fuck does that even mean?  This is the same league office that lied to the media for eight months during DeflateGate and brainwashed an entire nation.  I'm sorry but I have to call bullshit on this.  I'm not giving this one ounce of credence.  None.

And I'm sure as hell not going to waste my breath thinking or talking about this shit again.  This is my one and only statement on this.  Period.

UPDATE: About three hours after the initial leak, the NFL has released a statement saying that, “it is highly unlikely that the appeal will be decided before the end of the season," according to ProFootballTalk.  Wow. Contradicting leaks coming from the commissioners office. That place really is being run by a bunch of dicks.

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NFL Passed Over Tom Brady For Player Of The Week Honors....Again.

Ben Rothlisberger has been named the AFC Offensive Player Of The Week.

Tom Brady's week: 466 yards (the most the Bills have ever allowed), three touchdowns and zero interceptions. Mind you, this was against a Bills team that spent $250M on their defensive line this past offseason.

Ben Roethlisberger's week: 369 yards, three touchdowns, zero interceptions...against the 49ers.

So, I guess it's official. The league office has a hair across their ass for Tom Brady and he's officially been blackballed.  Seriously, fuck Roger Goodell and his henchmen.

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VIDEO: This Dude's Reaction To A Seeing A "Baby Fuckin Whale" Is Probably The Most Massholey Reaction To Anything Ever.

Ok, this is a friggin masterpiece. Fellow masshole Michael Bergin posted this on Facebook.  This dude needs to take over for Don Orsillo next year. Period.  His commentary is perfect.

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And Here Is The Jaws / Masshole Fisherman Mashup That You Knew Was Coming.

The Colts Lost 20-7 To The Friggin Jets Last Night. HAHA.

The new banner is going up this morning.


You don't fuck with the greatest quarterback in the history of the game and expect things to go back to normal.  It's called karma, bitches.  The Colts are now 0-2 and have looked like absolute shit this season.

The football gods have spoken.

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FINAL: Patriots 40 Bills 32

I cannot believe these Bills fans were chanting, “we want Brady” last week. They look like friggin morons right now.

Tom Brady ended up going 38 for 59 with 466 yards and 3 touchdowns for Christ's sake.  The 466 yards was the second most single game total of his career.  On top of that, the Patriots scored 40 points on "one of the best defenses in the league."  I can't help but LOL right now.

And I can’t believe the Patriots were favored by only 1 point in this game.  It really is amazing what Rex Ryan and his loud mouth can do.  He created all this hype and in the end, it was just another bitchslapping by the Patriots.  I say bitchslapping because let's be serious, the last two touchdowns by the Bills were in garbage time.  This game wasn't as close as the final score says.

That poor bastid Tyrod Taylor threw three interceptions and was sacked 8 times.  The guy looked scared shitless at times, he really did.

So, after two weeks the Patriots are 2-0 and the Bills are back to being just another mediocre team in the AFC East.  Yawn.

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Real Cute, Buffalo.

You know what? I don't even give a shit right now.

Here's Video Of Julian Edelman Being Fucking Awesome.

In all seriousness, Aaron Williams left the game with a neck injury after this play and got taken off the field in an ambulance.  Scary shit.  I hope all is well with him.

This Is Julian Edelman Basically Telling The Buffalo Crowd To STFU...And He Had Every Right To.

When you spend all week talking shit and your team can't back it up, you end up eating shit.  Kudos, Julian.  Kudos.

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This Sounds About Right...

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And So The Rex Ryan Era In Buffalo Has Begun.

Thanks for participating today, bro.

So Yea, The Crowd In Buffalo Ran Out Of Gas Before Half Time. So Much For The World Record For Crowd Noise. Pussies.

If you're going to talk shit all week, at least stay away for the damn game.  Jesus H. Christ, Bills fans are annoying.

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Of All The Possible Screenshots, ESPN Chose To Tweet A Fan Sign Calling Patriots Cheaters. What A Bunch Of Pricks.


This is an actual tweet from @ESPNNFL which, according to their twitter description, is "ESPN’s official NFL coverage."

We all know ESPN is being run by Roger Goodell and clearly has an anti-Patrios bias but damn, this is blatant.  I mean, of all the screenshots they could have tweeted, they chose this one?  I've said it before and I'll say it again: fuck ESPN.

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Here Are The Patriots Bills Keys To The Game

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VIDEO: Some Masshole Held Up An "ESPN LIES" Sign Live On ESPN Tonight Before The BC Game.

After months of working as a propaganda machine for Roger Goodell and spreading lies about the Patriots, ESPN had the balls to broadcast live from BC tonight. Well, this is what happens when you lying pricks show up in our back yard.

And don't come back, bitches.

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This Is An Actual Billboard In Buffalo Right Now. That City Is Being So Friggin Childish.

ESPN's Bills reporter, Mike Rodak, tweeted this today.  Seriously, that city is so friggin childish.  You don't see stupid shit like this around Gillette.  But I guess this is what happens when you have an inferiority complex because you've never won a Super Bowl and play in the same division as a guy who's won four.

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PHOTOS: The Bills Are Selling Football Inflating Pumps At Their Pro Shop. Well Hardy Fucking Har Har.


Real cute, Buffalo. Actually, I don't even give a shit. The Patriots are selling these:

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Indy Columnist Bob Kravitz Wrote An "Article" Today Smearing Jim McNally. These Patriots Hating Trolls Are So Friggin Annoying.

Some people will never get over DeflateGate.  Here's the proof.  WTHR Indianapolis "columnist" Bob Kravitz wrote an "article" today smearing the reputation of Patriots locker room attendant Jim McNally and had to resort to lies in order to do it.

via WTHR

According to, Mark Baltz only worked six games at Gillette Stadium in his career not "10 to 15."  Oh yea, and McNally was a locker room attendant for only four of those games.  I guess facts don't stop trolls from trolling.  This asshole was fed a lie and just HAD to post this bullshit article anyway.

This Kravitz guy is so friggin pathetic.  The fact that he is still obsessed with DeflateGate is just sad.  He found the one NFL employee who thought McNally was a weirdo and wrote a 3,000 word article about it. That alone shows just how pathetic Bob Kravitz's life really is.

And who knows what else Baltz lied to him about.  I mean, the only real quantitative thing people can fact check are the games worked.  The rest of this "article" is some dude gossiping and bitching about a Patriots employee.  I cannot believe this was actually posted on a legitimate news website.

Bob Kravitz isn't a columnist, he is a fucking troll.  And the fact that his bosses allowed this "story" to get published is a goddamn shame.

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Julian Edelman On The Bills Talking Shit Leading Up To Sunday's Game: "We're Not In High School. This Is The NFL."

From The Boston Herald:
"We're not in high school where it's 'Rah-rah, this guy said that.' This is the National Football League. This is our jobs. If you're taking time out of your way to think about what other teams are saying and what's going on in the outside world, you're taking time from preparing.

Amen, brother.

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VIDEO: Colts Ball Boy Suspiciously And Aggressively Takes Ball From The Bills After A Pickoff. Hmm.

I don't know what the hell that was but SOMETHING went on there.  Colts owner Jim Irsay must be shitting his pants right now.  I mean, I fully expect Roger Goodell to call for an independent report, fine the Colts $1M and take away draft picks, right?  Right???

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Tom Brady Called ESPN’s Biased Coverage Of The Patriots A "Disservice" To The Game And "A Waste Of My Time." Daaaamn.

The Atlanta Falcons got caught pumping fake crowd noise into their stadium when their opponents were on offense. They cheated. They got caught and were punished.  And ESPN spent about one day talking about it.

The St. Louis Cardinals got caught hacking into another team's computer system. They not only cheated, they committed a federal crime for Christ's sake.  And ESPN spent about a half a day covering it.

The 49ers admitted that they put silicone on their jerseys and Jerry Rice admitted that he used stickum and ESPN didn't say a fucking word about it. That shitty ass show Outside The Lines didn't dig any deeper and their football "analysts" just ignored it.

Yet any time the Patriots are even suspected of cheating, ESPN spends days, weeks, months and sometimes  (in the case of Spygate) years talking about it.

Anyway, Tom Brady was on the Dennis & Callahan show and was asked about ESPN's blatant anti-Patriots coverage.  Here's what he said.

From WEEI:
“I hear it and then I just kind of ignore it [the rehashing of Spygate days before the season opener]. At this point in the season there’s only one thing for me to focus on. Anything else is a waste of my time. So, stuff like that’s really a waste of my time.”

“There’s so many players that work so hard and so many players I’ve played with that I respect and played against that put so much in and sacrificed their bodies, their minds for the sport that I think it’s just a disservice to talk about anything other than that. This game of football is great for a lot of reasons. All the other stuff...I just kind of ignore it at this point.”

I know it's very un-Patriots like to speak out like this...but it feels so goddamn good to hear.  On a side note, I wonder how many games Roger Goodell will try and suspend Brady for "conduct detrimental to his network."

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Bills Marcell Dareus Says 'Nobody Likes The Patriots.' Thanks For The Bulletin Board Material, Dude.

From WEEI:
“Don’t nobody likes the Patriots,” Dareus said Tuesday. “Let’s just be honest about it now. Put it out there.”

Safety Aaron Williams added that he “don’t like New England,” and added Sunday’s game against the Patriots is “definitely personal for me.”

“Just the way they carry themselves on the field and stuff,” he said. “All the stuff that has happened to me in the past with some of the players has definitely gone through the roof for me. That’s a reason it’s personal for me and they’re our rival.”

First of all, if “don’t nobody like the Patriots” then technically everybody likes the Patriots. But, I digress.  And what the hell is this Aaron Williams dude even talking about? What exactly do the Patriots do on the field that pisses him off?

If they’re trying to find some motivation, maybe they should look at the fact that they’ve gotten their asses kicked by the Patriots for the past half decade.  The Bills are 2-8 against the Patriots in the last five years and one of the wins was a Week 17 game where Brady only played the first half and Gronk didn’t play at all.

That is what should burning their asses right now. Not this ra ra bullshit.

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REPORT: NFL Says There Were "Several" Headset Issues Week 1. I Guess It Wasn't Just A Gillette Thing.

From ProFootballTalk:
Despite the absence of NFL head coaches calling out other teams during press conferences or otherwise, problems indeed arose on Sunday.

“There were several communications issues yesterday as normal,” a league spokesman told PFT on Monday. “We are following up with the clubs.”

Communications problems are common. So common that it’s hard not to wonder whether the NFL doesn’t simply get rid of the communications systems entirely — or at least bring back the hard-wired system as a backup to the fluky wireless devices.

I'm not saying Mike Tomlin should hold a press conference and bow to the knees of Robert Kraft (although, it would be nice if he did).

But if Tomlin has any class, maybe during his weekly presser he will casually mention that he is sorry for accusing the Patriots organization of tampering with headsets on Thursday night.  Just put it out there.  Be a stand-up guy, take the high road and show that his organization doesn't stoop to the level of excuse making after a shitty loss.

But I'm not holding my breath.  I mean, we're talking about the Steelers--an organization that is okay with having a serial rapist as a quarterback.  I don't see them being concerned about their brand or being a moral compass in this league.

What pisses me off is that, with his accusation of tampering with headsets, Tomlin opened the door for other head coaches to shit on the Patriots all season.  If he publicly apologizes, it will go a long way towards the Patriots shaking the reputation of being serial cheaters.

But like I said, I'm not holding my breath.  This guy works for an organization that seems to embrace douchebaggery.

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VIDEO: New Miss USA Says Tom Brady "Definitely Cheated." Yea, Because She Read The Wells Report And Understands The Ideal Gas Law.

The correct answer is:  the under inflation of the footballs was consistent with the ideal gas law which Ted Wells conveniently omitted in his "independent" report, so Roger Goodell made a case that text messages between Tom Brady's underlings was proof of guilt, so based on the facts Tom Brady did not cheat.

But nope.  It turns out Miss America is just another ignorant, uninformed, brainwashed moron.  It's so friggin sad that she could go up there in front of millions of people and basically say, ' definitely cheated' and boom, she gets crowed Miss America.

I really hope Gisele hunts her down and kicks her ass.  I would pay to see that cat right.

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ESPN Referred To Seahawks As "Defending Champs" Today In Their Recap. What A Bunch Of Trolling Assholes.


ESPN is a propaganda machine for Roger Goodell.  That is a fact.  So let's be serious, this wasn't a typo or a stupid intern screwing up.  This was ESPN trolling us again knowing it would burn our ass.  What a bunch of unprofessional assholes.

And just wait.  All the Patriots haters are going to say, "yea, but they're NFC Champs. It was a simple typo."  Fuck that.  We're talking about ESPN.  The same network that rehashed Spygate a few days before the Patriots season opener.  They are known trolls, so I have to call bullshit on the typo excuse. Sorry ESPN, your credibility is shit right now.

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VIDEO: The Sore Loser Society Has Released A Public Service Announcement For All The Bitcher And Moaners.

I get the feeling I'm going to have to post this every week.

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Well, He Did It. David Ortiz Is Officially In The 500 Home Run Club.

It sucks that it happened at the Trop (in front of a crowd of like 500 people) but nonetheless, he did it.  David Ortiz is now one of only 27 players in the history of MLB to hit 500 home runs.

Being one of 27 is pretty exclusive company.  Then there is this: in the history of Major League Baseball, only four players have ever hit 500 home runs AND won three World Series championships: Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson and now David Ortiz.

Fuckin A.

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Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie Thinks The Patriots Cheated In Super Bowl XXXIX Despite Any Evidence Or Facts To Prove It.

The question of the Patriots taking unfair advantages arose again this week in an ESPN investigation of the Patriots illegally video-taping opponents. A former Eagles football operations staffer told ESPN "some believe that we were robbed by the Patriots not playing by the rules."
"We're very much dependent on the NFL being a strong investigative body that will look into everything," Lurie said, “because we all want to play on a completely level playing field." Lurie said there's "a lot of ways" to approach the questions about that Super Bowl.
"Factually, I personally don't have enough information to make that determination," Lurie said. "I look back on that game and the Super Bowl as some missed opportunities. I tend to focus on that. But there's always been talk about that from the time the game finished and continued on until now.”
This article is from yesterday, September 12th.  Seriously, that Super Bowl was like ten years ago.  Who the hell is talking about it?  Damn, the paranoia in this league has become laughable.  Ten friggin years ago and this dude is still talking about unsubstantiated allegations of cheating. 

I guess ESPN has done their job of brainwashing the simpletons among us to think the Patriots are serial cheaters....and in turn made this Jeffrey Lurie dude look like a real asshole.

There are no facts to back up what he is saying.  None.  And there is no proof whatsoever.  On top of that, he has the balls to say "there's always been talk" about it?  I've been following the NFL religiously since that Super Bowl win (and before) and this is the first I've heard about it.  This dude is a nothing more than a victim of ESPN mind control.  And that is friggin pathetic.

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REPORT: Ben Roethlisberger Says The Patriots Broke An "Unwritten Rule" On Defense And Mike Tomlin Implied They Tampered With The Headsets. When The Hell Is This Going To End?

We all heard about Mike Tomlin accusing the Patriots of tampering with the Steelers headset. Now, Ben Roethlisberger has chimed in with an accusation of an illegal defensive formation.

"We saw it on film that the Patriots do that. They shift and slide and do stuff on the goal line, knowing that it’s an itchy trigger-finger-type down. I was arguing the fact that he shifted in the middle of a cadence, and I thought that there was a rule against it. Maybe there’s not — maybe it’s an unwritten rule — I don’t really know."

As it turns out, there's no rule against disrupting a team's cadence with a defensive line shift, so long as it doesn't involve "words or signals." To recap, the Steelers knew the Patriots used this tactic from watching film, committed a false start penalty on the sequence anyhow, and then complained about it afterwards.

The reality is, Bill Belichick is smarter than everyone else in this leagues--other head coaches, quarterback, everyone--and when they get beat by someone who is literally a genius, their feeble minds immediately go to, "hey, they cheated."  That is frustrating as all hell for Patriots fans and is just fucking sad.

Welcome to the new world order. From now on, whenever the Patriots win, this is going to happen. That's just the way it's going to be.

Thanks a lot, Roger Goodell, for brain washing everyone in this league into thinking the Patriots are serial cheaters and creating a state of mass hysteria and paranoia.  So, instead of being in awe of how well run and incredibly smart this organization is top to bottom, coaches, owners and players around the league will give us weekly post game soundbites claiming sabotage.  Good job, Mr. Commissioner, you incompetent prick.

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FINAL: Patriots 28 Steelers 21

A pissed off Tom Brady and a healthy Gronk.  The rest of this league must be shitting their pants right now.

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It All Starts Tonight, Bitches!!!

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I Guess I Should Explain What Happened.....


Call me a pussy, call me a loser. Whatever. I just had to step away. The daily slandering of Tom Brady--the daily bashing of such a perfect human being--and just the daily bullshit was too much. Roger Goodell mindfucked an entire population and it slowly pushed me to the brink of insanity. The dude had ESPN, the loudest, most trusted sports news outlet in the country, IN HIS BACK POCKET.

What happened during DeflateGate was a massive brainwashing caused by media manipulation. It was.  Period.  It was some mind control shit straight out of the book 1984. And I am coming clean. I lost my shit over that fact. I couldn't write about sports...I just couldn't focus or think clearly while being bombarded with such lies and fucking bullshit.

I couldn't listen to sports talk radio, I boycotted ESPN and I disconnected from the grid.  Yet, I still nearly lost my shit daily because this story was EVERYWHERE.

Roger Goodell owns us.  He just does.  And I just couldn't take it.  I had to walk away for a bit.  I just had to disconnect completely and clear my head.  I am sorry, my fellow massholes. I am truly, truly sorry

Now that they are ACTUALLY PLAYING FOOTBALL AGAIN, I will (hopefully) slowly get my sanity back and will start posting again. Not now. But most likely soon.  Hang in there with me, my fellow massholes.  Masshole Sports will be back.

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