Darrelle Revis Favorited A Tweet About Brady Being Suspended. Could This Guy Be Any More Of A Dick?

If you go to Darrell Revis' twitter page and look at his favorited tweets, this is the first one you'll see.


What fuckin balls this guy has.  I mean, I understand the whole Patriots Jets rivalry.  I get it.  But the dude is a player.  He shouldn't be doing petty shit like this.  It's just unprofessional and unnecessary.

On top of that, if it wasn't for Brady he wouldn't even have a ring.  So in theory, he should be kissing Tom's ass publicly.  Not being a dick towards him.

All this does is make Tom Brady even more pissed off than he already is.  I cannot wait to watch Brady kick the Jets' ass twice this year and light his sorry ass up in the process.

Thanks for the extra bulletin board material, dickhead.

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