Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie Thinks The Patriots Cheated In Super Bowl XXXIX Despite Any Evidence Or Facts To Prove It.

From Philly.com:
The question of the Patriots taking unfair advantages arose again this week in an ESPN investigation of the Patriots illegally video-taping opponents. A former Eagles football operations staffer told ESPN "some believe that we were robbed by the Patriots not playing by the rules."
"We're very much dependent on the NFL being a strong investigative body that will look into everything," Lurie said, “because we all want to play on a completely level playing field." Lurie said there's "a lot of ways" to approach the questions about that Super Bowl.
"Factually, I personally don't have enough information to make that determination," Lurie said. "I look back on that game and the Super Bowl as some missed opportunities. I tend to focus on that. But there's always been talk about that from the time the game finished and continued on until now.”
This article is from yesterday, September 12th.  Seriously, that Super Bowl was like ten years ago.  Who the hell is talking about it?  Damn, the paranoia in this league has become laughable.  Ten friggin years ago and this dude is still talking about unsubstantiated allegations of cheating. 

I guess ESPN has done their job of brainwashing the simpletons among us to think the Patriots are serial cheaters....and in turn made this Jeffrey Lurie dude look like a real asshole.

There are no facts to back up what he is saying.  None.  And there is no proof whatsoever.  On top of that, he has the balls to say "there's always been talk" about it?  I've been following the NFL religiously since that Super Bowl win (and before) and this is the first I've heard about it.  This dude is a nothing more than a victim of ESPN mind control.  And that is friggin pathetic.

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