ESPN Referred To Seahawks As "Defending Champs" Today In Their Recap. What A Bunch Of Trolling Assholes.


ESPN is a propaganda machine for Roger Goodell.  That is a fact.  So let's be serious, this wasn't a typo or a stupid intern screwing up.  This was ESPN trolling us again knowing it would burn our ass.  What a bunch of unprofessional assholes.

And just wait.  All the Patriots haters are going to say, "yea, but they're NFC Champs. It was a simple typo."  Fuck that.  We're talking about ESPN.  The same network that rehashed Spygate a few days before the Patriots season opener.  They are known trolls, so I have to call bullshit on the typo excuse. Sorry ESPN, your credibility is shit right now.

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