FINAL: Patriots 40 Bills 32

I cannot believe these Bills fans were chanting, “we want Brady” last week. They look like friggin morons right now.

Tom Brady ended up going 38 for 59 with 466 yards and 3 touchdowns for Christ's sake.  The 466 yards was the second most single game total of his career.  On top of that, the Patriots scored 40 points on "one of the best defenses in the league."  I can't help but LOL right now.

And I can’t believe the Patriots were favored by only 1 point in this game.  It really is amazing what Rex Ryan and his loud mouth can do.  He created all this hype and in the end, it was just another bitchslapping by the Patriots.  I say bitchslapping because let's be serious, the last two touchdowns by the Bills were in garbage time.  This game wasn't as close as the final score says.

That poor bastid Tyrod Taylor threw three interceptions and was sacked 8 times.  The guy looked scared shitless at times, he really did.

So, after two weeks the Patriots are 2-0 and the Bills are back to being just another mediocre team in the AFC East.  Yawn.

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