FINAL: Patriots 51 Jaguars 17

And so the Tom Brady Fuck Them All Tour 2015 just keeps on rolling on.

The Patriots scored on every single possession in this game except the final knee.  That is unfuckingbelievable. I mean, it was complete and utter domination.  Everyone expected it though, so I can't say I'm sitting here with a pants tent over it right now.

What this game did tell me is that Bill Belichick is in full blown "screw you" mode.  He doesn't care if it's the Jacksonville Jaguars in week three of if its the friggin Super Bowl, he is going balls to the wall every single game this year.  The rest of the league has to be shitting their pants right now.

Tom Brady threw for 358 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions.  For the season, he has thrown for 1112 yards, nine touchdown and no interceptions in three games.  That is friggin scary.

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