I Guess I Should Explain What Happened.....


Call me a pussy, call me a loser. Whatever. I just had to step away. The daily slandering of Tom Brady--the daily bashing of such a perfect human being--and just the daily bullshit was too much. Roger Goodell mindfucked an entire population and it slowly pushed me to the brink of insanity. The dude had ESPN, the loudest, most trusted sports news outlet in the country, IN HIS BACK POCKET.

What happened during DeflateGate was a massive brainwashing caused by media manipulation. It was.  Period.  It was some mind control shit straight out of the book 1984. And I am coming clean. I lost my shit over that fact. I couldn't write about sports...I just couldn't focus or think clearly while being bombarded with such lies and fucking bullshit.

I couldn't listen to sports talk radio, I boycotted ESPN and I disconnected from the grid.  Yet, I still nearly lost my shit daily because this story was EVERYWHERE.

Roger Goodell owns us.  He just does.  And I just couldn't take it.  I had to walk away for a bit.  I just had to disconnect completely and clear my head.  I am sorry, my fellow massholes. I am truly, truly sorry

Now that they are ACTUALLY PLAYING FOOTBALL AGAIN, I will (hopefully) slowly get my sanity back and will start posting again. Not now. But most likely soon.  Hang in there with me, my fellow massholes.  Masshole Sports will be back.

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