Indy Columnist Bob Kravitz Wrote An "Article" Today Smearing Jim McNally. These Patriots Hating Trolls Are So Friggin Annoying.

Some people will never get over DeflateGate.  Here's the proof.  WTHR Indianapolis "columnist" Bob Kravitz wrote an "article" today smearing the reputation of Patriots locker room attendant Jim McNally and had to resort to lies in order to do it.

via WTHR

According to, Mark Baltz only worked six games at Gillette Stadium in his career not "10 to 15."  Oh yea, and McNally was a locker room attendant for only four of those games.  I guess facts don't stop trolls from trolling.  This asshole was fed a lie and just HAD to post this bullshit article anyway.

This Kravitz guy is so friggin pathetic.  The fact that he is still obsessed with DeflateGate is just sad.  He found the one NFL employee who thought McNally was a weirdo and wrote a 3,000 word article about it. That alone shows just how pathetic Bob Kravitz's life really is.

And who knows what else Baltz lied to him about.  I mean, the only real quantitative thing people can fact check are the games worked.  The rest of this "article" is some dude gossiping and bitching about a Patriots employee.  I cannot believe this was actually posted on a legitimate news website.

Bob Kravitz isn't a columnist, he is a fucking troll.  And the fact that his bosses allowed this "story" to get published is a goddamn shame.

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